For You

The individuals who join LeadIN are the people who shape its development. LeadIN evolves by and through the people it brings together.

Our community is organized around two core principles:

First, learning is social: We learn best when we exchange our unique perspectives and experiences with other people.

Second, practice leads to mastery: Practicing what we learn and integrating it in our lives allows us to create and sustain positive habits and continuously grow our abilities, our character and our leadership.

"What I most appreciated about LeadIN was the opportunity to practice reflecting on myself, my strengths and my uniqueness. I was grateful to have the space and people to practice that with. LeadIN has made me more introspective and focused on what I want in a job. I now have the confidence to market myself and this tool set with different frameworks and vocabulary to express what I can bring to the table.”

— Whitney, Spring 2017 Cohort • Public Health Professional

LeadIN Core

LeadIN Core is a 9-week long community program that brings together professionals of diverse fields, backgrounds, and experiences to learn and mold their unique leadership. Each group is intentionally kept small (between 8 and 12 individuals) to create an intimate and interactive learning environment.

Each LeadIN Core cohort builds a culture of trust, ownership and collective commitment to the success of all. Participants hear diverse perspectives, share best practices and provide one another with encouragement, support and accountability. They become stronger, more effective leaders by tapping into the diverse collective experience and wisdom of the group.

Read our Program Overview to learn more about the curriculum, learning objectives and other program details.

Would you like to become the leader you are? Apply to LeadIN Core

The Spring 2018 application is now closed. Please check back in April to apply for the Summer 2018 cohort. 


Once you complete the LeadIN Core program you are invited to our exclusive LeadIN+ community of lifelong learners: you have a safe space to learn from others, reflect, practice your own leadership, and integrate new habits.

LeadIN+ activities and initiatives are created by the community for the community!

"Professionally, being part of LeadIN has given me ideas about how to build a positive learning community where I work. I found it really inspiring! Personally, it gave me a renewed sense of accountability for identifying goals and forming practical steps to reach them.”

— Corey, Fall 2015 Cohort • Program Director