For Your Organization

LeadIN helps you grow your staff’s capability by creating a self-sustaining leadership culture.

We leverage your people’s natural talents and skills, grow their leadership and unlock opportunities for increased collaboration which, in turn, maximizes your bottom line, increases your staff engagement, and helps you achieve your mission and purpose.

"LeadIN is not the typical DC networking kind of event/program. It offers a very intimate setting. We rarely focused on the professional background of the participants, we discussed more the qualitative aspects of leadership. Furthermore, meeting with my assigned ‘buddy’ and holding each other accountable helped me stay motivated!.”

— Rukmini, Spring 2016 Cohort • Program Manager

We Work With

LeadIN works with smaller organizations, anywhere from 20 - 200 staff, who:

Believe in the fundamental role their people play in achieving organizational success

Seek sustainable ways to invest in and grow their people’s leadership at all levels

Do not have the resources to create their own learning program, and are not satisfied with external training

How is LeadIN Different

Leadership is a mindset: it’s about building self-awareness, learning to reflect and leading through strengths. Developing leadership is a process. That’s why we work with you to foster a supportive, learning culture where staff have the opportunity to identify their innate talents, turn them into strengths and learn how to lead through them.

Leadership Culture: Our goal is not to offer a training and then leave; our goal is to help you create a self-sustaining leadership culture where your people constantly learn from one another and grow individually and as teams.

Continuous Learning: Most programs focus on ‘training’, not on learning and integration. We care about outcomes - how your people continuously learn and apply their learning to grow.

Collaboration: Your people learn together in a safe space and that shared experience helps build trust and increase the camaraderie, teamwork and collaboration. LeadIN fosters a more collaborative mindset across your entire organization.

Accessibility: We engage staff at all levels. That ensures that everyone who is eager and motivated to develop their leadership can do so with the proper tools and support.

Engagement: Your staff seek opportunities for learning and development. LeadIN will help increase your staff engagement which will result in healthier, happier, more productive and dedicated employees.

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"What I appreciated the most about LeadIN was diversity and perspective. Everyone has a very different background which presented a lot of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.”

— Durecia, Fall 2016 Cohort • Entrepreneur