LeadIN enables people to become
the leaders they can be.

LeadIN redefines leadership

Everyone can be a leader, regardless of role, title or formal authority. All people have unique strengths and the capacity to make a difference, large or small. Yet so many people don’t see their own ability and inner leadership. LeadIN helps people discover and develop their strengths and craft their own unique leadership mold.

70% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged at work

— This costs companies around $550+ billion annually —

Inspired people, who recognize their leadership skills and intentionally work
to develop them, are happier, more productive and forge stronger organizations.

LeadIN builds communities
for lifelong learning

Growing as a leader is an ongoing process that requires time, dedication and nurturing. LeadIN fosters a culture of learning in organizations and communities so that people are never alone in their quest: we bring people together to learn, share and support each other’s growth.

$60 Billion
U.S. companies spend $60 billion on training annually

and they experience a ‘honeymoon effect’ - the training doesn't stick.
LeadIN creates the space and the right conditions for people to learn together, learn from one another, and continuously grow their leadership.

LeadIN engages people
at all career levels

If everyone can be a leader, then everyone should have access to leadership and professional development opportunities. LeadIN seeks to provide that access to all.

$15 Billion
$15 billion are spent in the U.S. on leadership development

but most of it goes to upper management. When working with organizations, LeaadIN focuses on early to mid level professionals.

How It Works

Leadership is like a muscle - it requires constant exercise and practice. LeadIN is like a social gym: people come together to learn and support each other’s growth. They learn about themselves and discover their own strengths. They learn how to relate to others, build trust and collaborate effectively. They develop practices that help them create the change they seek in themselves, in their communities and around the world.

For Organizations

People are and always will be the main drivers of organizational growth and success. We strengthen individual leadership in a way that strengthens team cohesion and performance.

We help organizations build a sustainable culture of leadership and learning.

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For Individuals

We believe in the talent and potential of each and every human being.

We provide opportunities for anyone, regardless of academic, professional or other background, to grow their leadership.

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"LeadIN is a community where people can be honest and vulnerable. It was a great space to share ideas and my peers would always give me honest feedback. I am still close to the friends that I made in my cohort."