80,000 hours of Possibility

We spend 80,000 hours of our lives at work, and yet most of us are not engaged with our work. Our time, energy and potential are wasted. Our organizations’ bottom lines suffer.

87 percent

Of the global workforce (and 67% of the U.S. workforce)

are not engaged at work (Gallup)

Of U.S. employees are looking

for a new job (Gallup)
20 percent

Disengaged or unengaged employees care 20%

less productive, and a lot more likely to leave (CEB)
1.5 - 2

One employee turnover costs employer

1.5 - 2 times that employee’s annual salary (Bersin)

LeadIN guides people to chart their own, unique leadership path.

Find out what that looks like For Individuals.

LeadIN grows your staff’s individual and collective leadership.

Find out what that looks like For Organizations.

Our Approach

Growing your leadership doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, concerted effort and a supportive community. We create the right environment and conditions for all people to develop the tools and habits that are right for each individual, and that stick over time.


You shift your perspective by discovering yourself as a leader with unique strengths, and by seeing others as collaborators with complementary strengths.


Learning from

We create a safe, open and interactive environment for self-discovery where you learn with and from other people.


Developing personalized leadership PRACTICE

What’s the point of learning, if it’s not applied? You will develop specific practices and your leadership will be forged in habits and actions.

Corey, Program Director

“Professionally, being part of LeadIN has given me ideas about how to build a positive learning community where I work. I found it really inspiring! Personally, it gave me a renewed sense of accountability for identifying goals and forming practical steps to reach them.”

Nyasha, Social Sector Professional

“The program’s emphasis on strengths-based approach to leadership made a tremendous impact on my leadership development journey. Now I understand that I operate at my optimal when I intentionally focus and leverage on my inherent strengths.”

Whitney, Public Health Professional

“What I most appreciated about LeadIN was the opportunity to practice reflecting on myself, my strengths and my uniqueness. I was grateful to have the space and people to practice that with. LeadIN has made me more introspective and focused on what I want in a job. I now have the confidence to market myself and this tool set with different frameworks and vocabulary to express what I can bring to the table.”

John, Program Director

"My LeadIN cohort helped me understand not only how to do what I do better, but why I do it. LeadIN gives you the opportunity to apply your whole self to the work of leadership. It provides the structure and tools of any good leadership program. And more importantly, its strategic blank space and relational set-up gives you room for the kind of creativity that lends itself to personal and professional growth that you can be proud of."

Lindsay, Attorney

“LeadIN is a community where people can be honest and vulnerable. It was a great space to share ideas and my peers would always give me honest feedback. I am still close to the friends that I made in my cohort.”

Anjana, Healthcare researcher and diversity and inclusion expert

“LeadIN has done such a great job of connecting various types and levels of leadership in one coherent manner. I've been able to recognize and leverage my strengths, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence to take on leadership positions in and out of the workplace. LeadIN helped me find the confidence to apply for a more senior, analytical role at my company and work toward getting that role.”

Beth, Strategic Analysis Professional

“LeadIN was an opportunity to identify, learn more, and develop my personal and professional strengths. It's a space to grow alongside other professionals and carry those tools into the world. I recommend it for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of themselves and others.”

Brian, Business Development Professional

“The LeadIN program offered me a new lens through which to view professional relationships and really challenged us as a cohort to roll up our sleeves and take charge of our own leadership growth and development. I’ve walked away from my experience with newfound awareness of and confidence in my individual leadership strengths and am excited to be engaged with my peers in the greater LeadIN community moving forward.”

Rukmini, Program Manager

“LeadIN is not the typical DC networking kind of event/program. It offers a very intimate setting. We rarely focused on the professional background of the participants, we discussed more the qualitative aspects of leadership. Furthermore, meeting with my assigned ‘buddy’ and holding each other accountable helped me stay motivated!”

Durecia, Entrepreneur

“What I appreciated the most about LeadIN was diversity and perspective. Everyone has a very different background which presented a lot of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.”

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